Traffic Violations

Dealing with traffic violations may seem minor in the beginning, but it can quickly turn into something that you will not want to deal with. For compassionate legal representation in Jackson County Missouri and surrounding jurisdictions, contact Mark Forest Attorney At Law today at


Mark Forest is an experienced Independence attorney who has handled traffic law issues just like yours in every jurisdiction in the Western Missouri area over his 30-year career. Whether it is the aggravation of a speeding ticket or the serious repercussions of a license suspension, Mark knows your problem is important to you, and that makes it important to him. He has been able to use his experience to develop knowledge and strategies that make him convenient, affordable and effective.


Mark knows you are busy. He is too. That is why he goes out of his way to make sure taking care of your traffic law problem fits into your schedule. In most cases, everything can be handled over the phone and he will go to court for you. Mark is so positive when you talk to him that the call will brighten your day right when you need it most, and you won’t have to worry about going to the courthouse and waiting in line. If you are thinking about just paying the fine to get rid of your traffic issue, don’t. Give Mark a call first to discuss your options.


Traffic law problems can be expensive. Mark understands that and does his best to keep things affordable for his clients. The way he does this is efficiency. When you hire an attorney, what you are paying for is their time. mark knows his way around all of the courts in the western Missouri area and knows that he can get things done quickly. Ask him about any jurisdiction and he will tell you who to talk to in order to get things moving. He also knows that each jurisdiction does things just a little differently, and can navigate his way through those different procedures. The bottom line is, Mark knows that affordability is important and works hard to keep his fees low.


The same experience that allows Mark to be affordable allows him to be effective. In other words, he gets things done. He knows which common mistakes police make on tickets that make them invalid. He knows how to move a traffic law issue through the court process to get a good resolution. He knows how to fight when necessary to protect his clients’ rights. Just read his reviews and you will see that he is a good lawyer to have on your side.

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